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Plate for wire installation 6363

  • Plate for wire installation 6363


  • A kit for wire installation for all kinds of detectors / bases
  • Used together with any of Panasonics heat or smoke detectors plugged in a base


  • Dimensions: Ø148x100 mm
  • Weight: 160 g

Included details

  • A metal plate with pre-drilled holes
  • A clamp (to fix the plate to a wire)
  • Two screws 3.5 x10 mm
  • Two screws 3.5x12 mm
  • Two screws 4x15 mm
  • Two screws 4x27 mm
  • Two screws 4x40 mm
  • Two spacers 6.4 mm, Ø 9.5 / 4.5
  • Two spacers 25.4 mm, Ø 6.4 / 4.5

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