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Rope elevator kit 6362

  • Rope elevator kit 6362


6362 is a kit to make a rope elevator for a detector and its base.

The kit

The kit consists of the following:

  • Protective cover for detector (6360)
  • Cleat (to fix the rope & hang it up; not shown in the figure above)
  • 20 m rope (Ø2 mm polyester)
  • Metal plate
  • Two screws (to fix the base)
  • Two loop screws (for the rope)
  • Two wood screws (to fix the cleat)
  • Connection box (five screw term.)
  • Cable clamp (for the conn. box)
  • Rope clamp (to fix the rope)
  • Cable clamp (to fix the cable)

Product applications

The rope elevator is used with any of the Panasonic heat or smoke detectors plugged in a base, allowing the user to access a detector mounted on a high ceiling height, in order to perform a test, maintenance, replace the detector, etc.

Product downloads