System EBL512 G3

  • System EBL512 G3
  • System overview

EBL512 G3 is an analog addressable fire alarm system that fulfils EN54-2 (Control and Indicating Equipment) and EN54- 4 (Power supply). The control unit has four loops and to each CIE can 1020 addressable loop units be connected, out of which up to 512 can be alarm points.

Each CIE can work standalone or be connected in a redundant network with up to 30 units, which accordingly means that a full system can include more than 30 600 addressable loop units. A networked system is built up in such a way that each CIE has full access to all information from all the other  units in the same network. This also means that the whole system can be controlled from any CIE in the network. The system can be remotely monitored and operated in a secure way and also very easily be connected to building management systems, all via an optional WEB server.

For very easy configuration of both the fire alarm system and also external controls, like fire doors, fans, escalators etc an intuitive free of charge Windows program is available.

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