Release of Panasonic Fire & Security’s BIM library


Panasonic Fire & Security launches its new BIM library of its fire alarm systems. This is an excellent tool for professionals in the planning of their projects, mainly in architecture and engineering offices.

All Panasonic BIM objects have been developed at LOD 350 level of detail, and include all relevant product properties for planning.


What will you find in our BIM library?

Our BIM library has several families, all of them classified under the categories of Fire Alarm Devices and Lighting Devices.

The BIM objects, which are delivered in files with ".rfa" extension, are native and generated with Autodesk Revit® version 2020, guaranteeing compatibility and ease of use.


Additionally, we provide a file in ".rvt" format where Panasonic’s associated information for each BIM object can be clearly visualized. This resource facilitates the creation of quantity tables, providing a count of elements used in the project along with their associated information.


The information is presented in a unified table format, including the family name and parameters defined in its configuration, such as dimensions, applied materials, acceptable voltages, currents, diameters, and other parameters.


We invite you to download the new Panasonic BIM library in our Panasonic Fire & Security website. In addition, we have prepared this video tutorial that illustrates the ease of use of this BIM library.