How to get top quality fire alarm installations


How to get top quality fire alarm installations

How to get top quality fire alarm installations

A fire alarm is a lifesaving equipment and therefore one of the most important systems in a building. No matter how advanced system you select, its function and reliability are fully depending on the quality of the installation.

The installation of the fire alarm system is often one of the last activities in a new building and therefore often done under time pressure. Cabling is sometimes done by an electrician with limited training on the products, and still everything needs to be perfect when the engineers come to the site for doing the commissioning. Otherwise, a lot of efforts will have to be spent on time consuming trouble shooting and repair.

How can the quality be kept on a high level also under difficult conditions?

The key here is that installer is doing frequent verifications of the work done, to make sure that what is ready really is ready and to avoid that the mistakes are repeated. For that purpose, the installer needs a tool that easily can scan the loop cables and alert if there is a short circuit, cut off, missing devices or any other deviation.

If you work with an EBL system, Panasonic provides a complete loop tester that comes in a convenient and robust carry case. It is very simple to use, just connect to a laptop and let the wizard in EBLWin take you through the steps. Apart from the continuous checks during the installation, after the cabling and connections are completed, a report can be generated as a proof of quality before handing over. Finally, you can also let the loop tester generate a data file of the loops that can be used by the engineer for creating the site specific data, something that dramatically will reduce the time for commissioning.

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