Panasonic launches new models of evacuation and emergency lights with IP65 protection for the harshest conditions


Panasonic's family of addressable emergency and exit lights continues to expand with the launch of new indoor and outdoor models. This range of addressable luminaires is fully integrated with the fire alarm system, allowing for complete control and monitoring of each unit.

MX IP65 Exit / Emergency light

This 2-in-1 IP65 Exit/Emergency light can be used in indoor and outdoor facilities with challenging conditions, such as parking halls, industries, and humid environments. As an exit sign, it ensures that exit points are always fully lit and clearly visible. In emergency situations or in the event of a mains power failure, it comes on automatically.

Panasonic IP65 Exit/Emergency lights provide safe evacuation in escape routes, even in harsh conditions and temperatures down to -20 °C and are suitable for both wall and ceiling mounting. The built-in backup battery provides power to the exit light for up to three hours during power outages. The double-sided cover exit sign is also available as an accessory for ceiling mounting.


MX Outdoor Emergency light

The Panasonic outdoor emergency light provides illumination in outdoor evacuation areas, as well as in evacuation routes in cold areas, such as freeze rooms, industries, or mines, with temperatures down to -30 °C. The non-maintained emergency light comes on automatically in the event of a mains power failure or emergency situation, ensuring that the emergency evacuation exit is clearly illuminated.

This compact luminaire, with IP65 protection, is suitable for both wall and ceiling mounting. For optimum security, it has a 3-hour battery backup.

Like all other Panasonic emergency and exit lights, these new models are cost-effective and eco-friendly, thanks to their modern, long-life LED luminaires, low power consumption, and quality batteries, which ensure attractive operational costs. Additionally, all of them can be commissioned in the same intuitive EBLWin software used for the fire alarm system.