Software products


  • Generic tool for both EBL512 G3 and EBL128
  • Very user friendly Windows program for system setup and configuration
  • Supports both auto-addressing and manual configuration or any combinations
  • Cable length and battery dimensioning automatically calculated
  • Installation and service documents generated
  • EBLWin key required for security and traceability


  • EBLNet is a class library based on Microsoft .NET Framework.
  • It provides methods to receive data and events from the fire alarm system, and to perform operations.
  • It also supports reading EBLWin site data
  • Target platform is Microsoft Windows
  • The use of EBLNet requires one EBLNet license 5097 per web-server to be connected to the application.

FP OPC Server

The Panasonic OPC Server allows high-performance data transfer (v1-v3) between applications supporting the universally accepted OPC DA Standard and the Web-server II 1598.