EBL Graphics


  • Monitors a complete EBL system
  • Reports fire alarm, faults or other deviations
  • Possibility to reset fire alarms and acknowledge faults
  • Possibility to disable / re-enable single alarm points or zones graphically
  • Easy configuration with EBL Graphics Designer
  • Supports hierarchical drawing image handling, so that the user may monitor the system on detailed drawings
  • Inspect the monitored area with a linked Panasonic network camera
  • Based on EBLnet
  • EBL Graphics Designer is included in application
  • EBLWin key is required during configuration
  • EBLnet license is reqired during operation


  • EBLWeb ≥ v. 2.0.x, WebG3 ≥ v. 1.1.x, Web128 ≥ v. 1.1.x, Web512 ≥ v. 2.7
  • Windows ≥ Vista

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Panasonic fire alarm catalog, Norwegian 2023-05-22 8.6 MB NO
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