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Analog multi detector 4400

  • Analog multi detector 4400


  • State of the art detector for highest safety
  • Detection by combination of smoke and heat
  • Nuisance alarms reduced by up to 46% by using Artificial intelligence:
    · Variable sensitivity and time delay based on smoke and temperature changes just before and after fire alarm level has been reached
    · A learning function will ensure that the most suitable fire alarm algorithm is always used
  • High-tech mesh net prevents dust and insects to enter the detection chamber
  • Automatic service signal to minimise maintenance costs
  • Tested and approved according to EN54-5 and EN54-7
  • VdS Approval: G 212106
  • CPR: 0786-CPR-21172


  • Operating temperature: - 10 to +50 °C
  • Ambient humidity: < 95%
  • Dimensions: Ø102x41 mm
  • Weight: 74 g
  • Red LED

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